Reliv Independent Distributor
 Chef's Reliv Story
Ten years ago, a package arrived at my doorstep from my mom. Little did I know the impact this package would have on my life and the business I would create. 

Inside this package was my first introduction to Reliv and their amazing products. I understood the importance of nutrition having been a Chef at Disney for over 12 years.

I knew that our food was changing in how it was being produced and harvested. I knew that supplementing was key to my health. And finding Reliv and their dedication to the highest level of nutrition at the cellular level had an impact on my choosing them as my first and last Network Marketing company that I wanted to align myself with. 

I stand behind the products and the impact it has had on my ability to stay healthy over these last 10 years. Knowing that I am boosting my immune system to fight off all the germies that I am exposed to throughout my day. The energy and amazing sleep I get is just another reason to take my shake.

How fast I recover from a workout or run has me falling in love with my Reliv shake daily. Does my mom still take her Reliv... Absolutely! 

I love what this company stands for and I love sharing Reliv with family and friends. I'm out to make a difference in the world and taking care of myself and my health is always my priority. I couldn't do what I do without nourishing my body, mind, and spirit with Reliv.

To learn more about Reliv... poke around. Ask questions. I'm here to support you in choosing to be part of this company at any level.